Two New Science Outreach Projects

At ICIQ we seek to raise public awareness of chemical research as a key factor in the progress of our society. We think that it is important for citizens to truly see the benefits of chemistry research in terms of health, energy and environmental sustainability.

“Artificial Photosynthesis: mimicking Nature” aims at showcasing one of our main fields of research with which we want to contribute to develop renewable energies for a more sustainable world. To this end, we have created two educational materials  to explain the research in artificial photosynthesis that the researchers of the ICIQ carry out. On one hand, we built two cars powered by sustainable fuels produced in a reactor that uses the sun light an on the other hand, we made available an online game to optimize the process of fotosynthesis.

Project’s web page:

«Female Scientists: Past and Present» , a project in collaboration with the URV (Universitat Rovira i Virgili), wants to connect the biography, research and discoveries of scientists of the past with the researchers that are currently leading different schemce fields around the world. Through different didactic documents, which include experiments to perform in class, we give visibility to female scientists who have worked and work in the fields of radioactivity, catalysis, crystallography, programming, DNA, light and geometry. We value their research and the impact that their discoveries have had on our lives. The project aims to be a tool for primary school teachers in order to introduce female scientists and their work in the classroom.

Project’s web page :


“Científiques: passat i present“ and “Fotosíntesi artificial: imitem la natura” have counted with the support of: