Chromatography, Thermal Analysis, Electrochemistry 

Unit Manager
Simona Curreli (March-June), maternity leave)

Unit Technicians
Maria José Hueso Estornell (until May, maternity leave)
Marta Serrano
Maritxell Díaz
Mariona Urtasun (part time, from March)


During 2018, the nominal mass analysis was consolidated as a new responsibility for the Unit, having started with these kind of analysis the year before.

As the chart shows, the number of samples analysed is more or less stable in the last three years.

The Unit plays a key role in chiral analysis method development.

CHROMTAE: Samples Analized by Unit Staff


  1. GC-MS, tips & tricks. Agilent Technologies (3h, 25th January)
  2. Glove box maintenance and use workshop. Alava Ingenieros (8 h, 21st June)


  1. Simona Curreli participates in the “Bojos per la Química” programme.