Prof. Miquel A. Pericàs


Group Leader:
Miquel A. Pericàs

Group Coordinator:
Carles Rodríguez (until Sept)

Postdoctoral Researchers:
Laura Buglioni (until Jan) / Pedro Alonso / Laura V. Martí (until April)

PhD Students:
Lidia Clot (until April) / Shoulei Wang (until Jun) / Lluís Llorens / Santiago Cañellas / Marco M. Mastandrea / Junshan Lai

Laboratory Engineer:
Patricia Llanes

Master Students:
Stefan Simic (until June)

Visiting Students:
Fabrizio Politano (Feb-Apr) / Carla Sappino (March’18-Feb’19) / Sándor Ötvös (Jun-Aug)

Administrative Support:
Sorania Jiménez / Sara Garcia


The group of Prof. Pericàs participates in an extensive research programme aimed at developing a complete set of catalysts immobilized in polymers and magnetic nanoparticles with optimal characteristics in terms of catalytic activity, stereoselectivity and life cycle. The final objective is the development of continuous flow versions of the most relevant catalytic and enantioselective organic synthesis processes, contributing to a more sustainable practice of chemical synthesis. For its pioneering work, the group is recognized as one of the leaders in the field. Its current objectives involve the development of commercial solutions for the application of catalytic methodologies in continuous flow to production.


‘Nickel-Catalyzed Reductive [2+2] Cycloaddition of Alkynes’
S. Cañellas, J. Montgomery, M. A. Pericàs
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2018, 140 (50), 17349-17355

‘Functionalization of A3B-type porphyrin with Fe3O4 MNPs. Supramolecular assemblies, gas sensor and catalytic applications’
C. A. Mak; M. A.Pericas; E. Fagadar-Cosma
Catal. Today 2018, 268-275

‘Catalytic Enantioselective Flow Processes with Solid-Supported Chiral Catalysts’
C. Rodríguez-Escrich, M.A. Pericàs
Chem Rec.. 2018, DOI: 10.1002/tcr.201800097.


‘A versatile, immobilized gold catalyst for the reductive amination of aldehydes in batch and flow’
A.I. Carrillo, P. Llanes, M.A. Pericàs
React. Chem. Eng. 2018, 3, 714-721

‘Evaluating polymer-supported isothiourea catalysis in industrially-preferable solvents for the acylative kinetic resolution of secondary and tertiary heterocyclic alcohols in batch and flow’
N. Ranjan Guha, R.M. Neyyappadath, M.D. Greenhalgh, R. Chisholm, S.M. Smith, M.L. McEvoy, C.M. Young, C. Rodríguez-Escrich, M.A. Pericàs, G. Hähner, A.D. Smith
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‘Computationally Guided Design of a Readily Assembled Phosphite–Thioether Ligand for a Broad Range of Pd-Catalyzed Asymmetric Allylic Substitutions’
M. Biosca, J. Margalef, X. Caldentey, M. Besora, C. Rodríguez-Escrich, J. Saltó, X.C. Cambeiro, F. Maseras, O. Pàmies, M. Diéguez, M.A. Pericàs
ACS Catal. 2018, 8 (4), 3587–3601

‘Synthesis, Application and Kinetic Studies of Chiral Phosphite-​Oxazoline Palladium Complexes as Active and Selective Catalysts in Intermolecular Heck Reactions’
Z. Mazloomi, M. Magre, E. Del Valle, M. A. Pericàs, O. Pàmies, P. W. N. M. van Leeuwen, M. Diéguez
COVER Adv. Synth. Catal. 2018, 360 (8), 1650-1664

‘A site isolation-enabled organocatalytic approach to enantiopure γ-amino alcohol drugs’
S. Wang, C. Rodríguez-Escrich, X.Fan, M.A. Pericàs
Tetrahedron 2018, 74 (29), 3943-3946

‘Immobilization of cis‐4‐Hydroxydiphenylprolinol Silyl Ethers onto Polystyrene. Application in the Catalytic Enantioselective Synthesis of 5‐Hydroxyisoxazolidines in Batch and Flow’
J. Lai, S. Sayalero, A. Ferrali, L. Osorio‐Planes, F. Bravo, C. Rodríguez‐Escrich, M.A. Pericàs
Adv Synth Catal. 2018, 360 (15), 2914-2924

‘Development of C2-Symmetric Chiral Bifunctional Triamines: Synthesis and Application in Asymmetric Organocatalysis’
S. Cañellas, P. Alonso, M.A. Pericàs
Org. Lett. 2018, 20 (16), 4806–4810

‘Desymmetrisation of meso-diones promoted by a highly recyclable polymer-supported chiral phosphoric acid catalyst’
L. Clot-Almenara, C. Rodriguez-Escrich, M.A. Pericàs
RSC Adv. 2018, 8, 6910-6914

‘Acylative Kinetic Resolution of Alcohols Using a Recyclable Polymer-Supported Isothiourea Catalyst in Batch and Flow’
R.M. Neyyappadath, R. Chisholm, M.D. Greenhalgh, C. Rodríguez-Escrich, M.A. Pericàs, G. Hähner, A.D. Smith
ACS Catal. 2018, 8, 1067-1075


Enabling Technologies and Drug Discovery: Continuous Flow Processes to Discover Novel Antiviral Inhibitors

MSCA ITN | Ref: 766058 Project Website

Desarrollo de Procesos en Flujo Continuo para la Indústria Químico Farmacéutica

Ministerio | Ref: RTC-2016-5807-1 

Sistemas Catalíticos inmovilizados robustos para la producción sostenible de productos químicos de alto valor añadido

Ministerio | Ref: CTQ2015-69136-R

Theses Supervised

Santiago Cañellas
November 20th, 2018
Universitat Rovira i Virgili
‘Smart Catalytic Systems for Batch and Continuous Flow Enantioselective Processes’


Nickel goldilocks